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Dolan Ellis 

DolanEllisAfter more than 50 years as Arizona’s Official State Balladeer, Dolan Ellis still hangs his professional hat on the title that first came to him in February 1966. Many well-deserved awards have come to Dolan Ellis over the years: a Grammy, gold records, the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame.  Senator John McCain read Dolan and his music into the Congressional Record.  He was the first to be inducted as an Arizona Culture Keeper.

As wonderful as these awards and titles are, nothing means as much to this great musician and folklorist as being The Balladeer. Dolan is not a native Arizonan.  He was born and raised in Kansas , and never even visited Arizona until he moved to Phoenix in 1959.  And yet, that move seemed like a homecoming to the young man who had loved the Western movies, especially those featuring the “singin’ cowboys.” He fantasized that all of the movies depicted life in Arizona. Dolan knew that Arizona, with its wide-open spaces, was the place he ought to be.

Until very recently, Dolan's appearances with the New Christy Minstrels® were rare. A major reunion in Queen Creek, Arizona, in April 2005 changed everything. After that, the group got together several more times. Now they have a regular touring group consisting of Randy Sparks, Pete Henderson, Eddie Boggs, and some newer members: Becky Jo Benson, Jennifer Lind, Greg O'Haver and Dave Deutschendorf. Another newer member, Chuck Cole, joins them occasionally. The Balladeer takes his own one-man show on the road throughout the state and sometimes beyond, for formal concerts, conventions, cowboy poetry and music gatherings, folk and storytelling festivals, private parties, and occasional benefit performances.  His shows consist mostly of his own songs about Arizona people, places, and things.

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MacDougal Street West
A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience

MacDougalWestThe MacDougal Street West Experience is a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute band performing the acoustic music and harmonies that changed the world and are still relevant today.

In 1962, Peter, Paul and Mary’s first album was released. After the album , 11-year-old Rick Shore asked if he could learn to play guitar and hasn’t stopped learning and playing. Rick has been in groups that feature his favorite sounds: PPM, Kingston Trio, Beach Boys, Hollies and others. Excited for the opportunity to return to his musical roots, Rick loves to find the seemingly simple, yet deceptively complex harmonies of Peter, Paul and Mary

Having grown up in the sixties, Mary Alberts finds particular joy in keeping alive the good vibe of one of her musical heroes, Mary Travers. You can hear and see the affinity between them in the contemporary Mary’s contributions to MacDougal Street West performances. A similar warmth of tone and personality with the original Mary helps listeners harken back to the halcyon days of the Peter, Paul, and Mary experience.

Hailing from Lancaster, California, Ron Skelton loved music performance from an early age.  He has been singing and performing with his guitar since his high school days. His deep baritone voice also compliments the members of his other band, a Kingston Trio tribute group, “In-Folk-Us”, where he sings most of the lead parts and plays his 12-string-guitar. He is a high-energy performer and rounds out his shows with witty repartee  and banter with his audiences.  He makes every performance a party!

Bill Rice was born and raised in the “badlands” of eastern Montana, but headed south to Texas in ’76. He played in several bands in and around Austin for years, finally arriving in Prescott in 1999.

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Barbara Fairchild

BarbaraFairchildBarbara Fairchild’s vibrant personality, her love for humor and storytelling along with her extraordinary talent for singing country and gospel music make her one of the finest entertainers you will see. She has a sincere warmth that flows out of her to everyone she meets, whether on the street or as a member of the audience in one of her shows. 

Barbara performs with her very talented husband, Roy Morris. They are really in love, and it shows. In the tradition of other husband and wife teams that brought laughter to millions, Barbara and Roy have a natural flare for comedy that is delightful to experience. Barbara and Roy’s faith is their foundation and the most important aspect of their lives. Throughout Barbara’s exciting and extensive career she has received many awards and honors. Her nomination for two prestigious Grammy Awards, one for her #1 country hit, “The Teddy Bear Song” and the other in the music for children category, “Lullaby for Teddy” are highlights in her career. She is recognized as one of the finest female entertainers in Country Music. Barbara was one of Ralph Emery’s favorite guests during the years he hosted the top-rated “Nashville Now” show on the TNN television network. Ralph even trusted her to be a guest host for him at times in his absence. Through that show Barbara Fairchild became a household name to thousands of viewers.

Among the many television appearances during her career include, “The Tonight Show,” Hee Haw,” “A Salute to Country Music,” “ The CMA Country Music Awards,” and the three part special, “A Country Homecoming,” hosted by Ralph Emery. She has made several appearances on CBN (The 700 Club) and TBN and two tribute specials to the Legendary Dottie Rambo. She was thrilled to host her own TV Special, “Barbara Fairchild In England” on the BBC network, just to name a few.

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