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Rex Allen Jr.

RexAllenJrRex Allen Jr. was the star of Yesteryear and The Statler Brothers Show on TNN for 9 years and with over 50 hits like It’s OverLonely Street and Two Less Lonely People, Rex is truly a living legacy of Country and Western Music and a member of The Western Music Hall Of Fame.

Blessed with a golden voice and a true dedication to his music and career. Rex Allen Jr. is the consummate Actor/Singer/Entertainer. For Rex Allen Jr. the Dream was found in the songs and voices of the fabled American West, which gave him hope and direction as a young man. And as he continues to draw life from those icons and inspirations, he finds his Dream ever ready, for the next song, the next stage, and the next adventure.

Building off his television successes in the ‘90s, including The Statler Brothers Showand Yesteryear, 2000’s Me, Myself & Irene allowed Allen to give a heart-felt homage to his father, narrating the beloved Jim Carrey/Renèe Zellweger feature.  Allen has rekindled his musical flames as well: “I lost the music in me for about five years. I have been so disappointed in the current country music… I thought people weren’t interested in hearing ‘good’ songs anymore.”


Eight albums in the last seven years - with no sign of slowing down- have eased Rex’s doubts that real songs will always find real listeners- regardless of wherever those listeners may live.

Honored in 2008 with induction into the Western Music Hall of Fame, Rex was again deeply affected when “Arizona”, his loving nod to his adopted homeland, was declared the alternate state song and official theme of Arizona’s Centennial celebrations, by Arizona’s State Legislature, in 2012. Arizona will continue to show its love October 5th, 2013 as Rex will be inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame

Through all the blessings Allen has embraced in his career, time and tide have drawn him to a crossroads where he is now the voice, still golden but wisened by time, offering a bit of guiding light for those rising up around him. “My roots are in Western music, in the feel and harmonies of my early work, on through to what I am doing today.”

Rex Allen Jr at QIA

Rex Allen Jr at QIA

Rex Allen Jr at QIA


Howard, Sandy & Friends

Howard, Sandy and Friends perform at the QIA regularly it seems and each time put on quite the show for everyone.

Howard, Sandy and Friends
will be

Buy tickets early, concerts usually sell out quickly.

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