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Blackwood Brothers

BlackwoodBrothersThe Blackwood Brothers Quartet was formed in 1934 with brothers Roy, Doyle, James and Roy's son, R.W. In the late 50s Roy and Doyle retired from traveling and in 1954 R.W. was killed in a tragic airplane crash. However the quartet with James, as the quartet's leader and spokesman, established a new group of singers who would go on to take Gospel music to new heights as they traveled and sang in all fifty of the United States, every Canadian province and around he world

In 2002, James Blackwood went to be with the Lord, but his sons, Jimmy (James Jr.) and Billy have continued the 80-year tradition. Recently Jimmy retired after singing for 49 years and his younger brother, Billy now carries on the quartet which has the distinction of being the best-known name in Gospel Music history!


Billy, James Blackwood's younger son, sings baritone and is a song writer. Wayne Little has sung for many years in numerous quartets including the Crystal River Boys, and most recently, New Millennium. His crystal clear tenor voice is amazing people across the country. Butch Owens is no stranger to gospel music. He sang bass with an earlier version of the Stamps Quartet and most rececntly with Bob Jones and the Songfellows Quartet. He is a retired law enforcement officer. Butch has a great personality and his solid low notes make a great foundation for the group. Jonathan Mattingly is the newest member of the quartet and sings lead. He grew up in a singing family and recently deicided to move to Nashville with a desire to further his career and ministry.

Even though they perform as a "group", each is featured in a solo song so you can hear their individual voices. Their range of songs and sounds sure makes for an enjoyable concert!

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Duke Michaels

Duke Michaels is an entertainer from Southern California. He writes and performs cowboy poetry, folk, country, rock 'n' roll, blues, and incorporates flamenco, Spanish, and classical guitar styles into his sound,"Double Fisted" Rock 'n' roll.

Duke Michaels appeared at the QIA Concert and Dance! Duke and his partner Orin sure know how to put on a fabulous show. A GREAT time was had by everyone. They played quite a variety of songs and had people up dancing the entire night! The finale was when Duke convinced Arlea (and then Claudia) to come up and help with leading everyone singing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight.

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Jimmy Jack Whitaker

He's a Multi-Award Winning Entertainer & Musician, Acoustic Guitar Finger Picking Winner, Songwriter and Producer. Jimmy has shared the stage with just about every performer you can name in Rock and Roll, Gospel, Blue Grass and Country. Jimmy's passion is songwriting. However, he simply blows you away when you hear him singing and playing!

His Finger Picking on an Acoustic Guitar is simply amazing! As you are listening to him, you suddenly realize you hear at least 3 - that's THREE -  different and distinct sounds coming from his guitar - lead, rhythm and bass - yet, he's playing only one Guitar - just Incredible to watch and hear!

Jimmy loves to play all over the country and share his wonderful voice and picking talent. he has opened or performed with major artists such as Charlie Daniels and Willie Nelson, his first love is songwriting. He has been a staff writer twice and co-written songs with many successful songwriters such as Gary S. Paxton, Royce Porter, Glenn Tubb, Roy August, Daniel Johnson, George Maddaloni, and Jim Lusk.

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