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Michael Cullipher - 'ELVIS' Impersonator

ElvisMichael Cullipher knew early on that he wanted to be an 'Elvis' Tribute Artist. He was four years old when he first discovered Elvis Presley. Michael's dream became a reality at 19 years old. He entered and won the Elvis Extravaganza contest in 2009. He was hooked and a career was born! 2009 also began a five year run with Branson's Elvis Festival Ultimate Elvis Tribute artist contest where he placed in the top 5 every year. Michael's goal as an Elvis Triburte Artist is to present the BEST memory of Elvis Presley possible.

2010 started a tradition of touring the great state of Arizona playing as many as 30 in a month! Michael has an amazing fan base that brings him back year after year. Michael has been fortunate in his career, he has had the chance to meet and perform with and for many of Elvis's friends and family. A recent highlight was recording 'Suspicious Minds' with Ben Cauley Jr., member of the Memphis Horns, who played trumpet on the original recording with Elvis. This honor makes Michael and Elvis the only two people to record this song with Ben.

Michael believes that God is his creator and savior, and gives all the glory to him for his gift and is blessed to say some of the most humbling and rewarding experiences of his career has been singing and performing Elvis's Gospel music. Michaels' goal as an Elvis Tribute Artist is to present the best memory of Elvis Presley possible.

'Michael Cullipher - Elvis Impersonator' will be

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Bernie & Red

Bernie And RedBernie & Red are currently based in Vancouver BC Canada, although they didn't start out there. Liverpool in England was the birthplace for both of them & they met there during the beginnings of the Mersey Beat era and yes, they did see The Beatles, countless times at The Cavern & various other venues. Both come from musical families, Bernie's parents sang with a local dance band & Red's Dad was a vocalist with the army band during his years in the service. Her Mum was a pianist, & Red has fond & vivid memories of family parties when Mum played the piano & Dad sang all the latest Bing Crosby & Al Jolson songs.

After marriage they settled in Liverpool where Bernie worked as a salesman & Red was a stay at home mother of 2, but there was something missing. They were looking for adventure, a rural lifestyle, fresh air & open spaces & so they moved to Canada, to get “back to the land”.

It wasn’t until they moved to Canada that they began to take music & entertaining seriously, prior to that it was just a few songs sung by Red to Bernie’s guitar accompaniment at family gatherings, but they soon found that the Canada of the 1970’s was fertile ground for their unusual mixture of music & comedy. To start with, entertainment gigs had to fit in with Bernie’s cow milking schedule, (yes, they had managed to get “back to the land”,) but before long, Bernie quit milking cows, they began performing full time & were soon travelling the world

Since their first performances in Arizona almost 20 years ago, Bernie & Red have become a mainstay of the Winter Visitor entertainment scene, which for them now encompasses the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, as well as Arizona & California. Audiences return annually to enjoy their latest offering & as a consequence they have built a large & loyal fan base & an equally large group of clients who know that Bernie & Red will always deliver a new, entertaining & uplifting performance.

Bernie & Red will be

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